Amazing rags-to-riches stories of…

America’s Rebound

Revealed Inside: How ordinary folks are tapping an
age-old secret to take control of their financial futures and create a safe, more
comfortable retirement lifestyle.

Now… you can use this secret to do the same.

Dear Reader,

At first glance, the stories I’m about to share with you might sound too good to be true. But let me assure you, each story is real. The people you are about to meet are living happy, worry-free and richly rewarding lives.

They’ve done what most of us spend our waking hours dreaming of: They’ve created their own personal fortunes and are living the American dream.

Fed up with Wall Street, the government… even the media… they’ve self-engineered their own paths to wealth. I’m talking about the kind of wealth that allows you to retire in style… without the financial worries that plague most people these days.

The stories you are about to hear are utterly amazing.

In some cases, you’ll meet folks who were victims of the 2008 market crash. They lost their jobs, used up all their savings to make ends meet and didn’t know where their next meal would come from.

Some were on the verge of losing their homes… their cars… everything they worked so hard to get. For many, the situation seemed hopeless. Until they discovered the truth about creating wealth.

I call these brave fortune seekers America’s Rebound Millionaires. They come from all walks of life. And many turned their lives (and finances) around without formal business experience or even lots of cash on hand.

Not only am I going to share their stories with you in this presentation, I’m also going to share with you the very secret they used to go from rags to incredible riches. And in some cases, they did so in less than 12 months.

This secret is the key to some of the largest fortunes in America. And it doesn’t require complicated stock market maneuvers such as options or futures. In fact, I’d go as far as to say when you see exactly how they did it, you’ll be shocked.

I’ll reveal this secret and how you can use it to build your own American dream in my special report “Unconventional Riches: The Forgotten Path to Prosperity.”

The best news is you can start using the secret the minute you get the report.

If you’re tired of watching helplessly as the rich and powerful get ahead, this presentation could literally change your financial life.

So please keep watching and listening to see how some ordinary folks created…

Wealth Their Own Way

Have you ever wished you weren’t a slave to the grind? Are you sick of putting in more than 40 hours per week only to make someone else’s financial dreams come true?

Are you tired of seeing news about how Wall Street has rigged the game? Let’s face it, the promises Wall Street sold us about "set it and forget it" 401(k) plans were all a lie.

Headlines like this one from CNN during the gut-wrenching crash of 2008 proved what a house of cards the stock market really is:

Stocks crushed: Approximately $1.2 trillion in market value is gone after the House rejects the $700 billion bank bailout plan.

Since then, Americans have fled the stock market in droves. Last year alone, investors pulled out over $10 billion. Maybe you’re one of them. I can’t say that I blame you.

But if you think there’s no way to achieve lasting wealth without risking it all on what’s left on Wall Street… if you think you’re doomed to a lifetime of just scraping by… if you think there’s no chance for you to realize your financial dreams… take heart.

Because I’m about to show you stories of folks who have broken free from Wall Street’s death grip. They’ve realized their financial dreams, and they’ve done it with one of the oldest wealth-building secrets known to man.

Take the story of Pierre Duperee, for example. Pierre used this secret twice to create a vast fortune for himself. And he did it without ever plunking a dime of his money into some risky investment vehicle such as options.

You see… while Pierre may have had a head start many of us would envy (he graduated from a well-respected law school in France and landed a job as a lawyer in New York), he didn’t build his fortune that way.

Instead, he shed his lawyer suit and took a more unconventional route. A route that most Americans have forgotten about over the years. But one that is responsible for some of the largest fortunes ever amassed.

Today, Pierre is independently wealthy and easily earns over $316,000 per year. I know that may sound like a pipe dream. But I assure you it’s completely possible.

You can discover exactly how he did it… AND how easy it is to follow his example in the special report I mentioned earlier, “Unconventional Riches: The Forgotten Path to Prosperity.”

A little later in this presentation, I’ll tell you how to get your hands on this report, absolutely free of charge. But for now, let me tell you the story of Damien Mullens.

Damien is a 27-year-old sales executive from Chicago who used this secret to add $1,500 to his income each month.

Now, that’s not exactly the millions that Pierre is worth. But remember, Damien is only 27 years old. And he has a "normal" job. The $1,500 he makes each month using this secret is on top of his salary.

And the thing is, instead of just using this money to live it up… Damien is using the money he’s earning to earn even more money.

Talk about smart.

Today, you can discover how to do the exact same thing. All the details on the secret Damien used to earn $1,500 extra per month are in your free report “Unconventional Riches: The Forgotten Path to Prosperity.”

As I said, I’m going to show you how you can secure your own copy free of charge. But before I do… maybe you’re thinking, "Just wait a minute. I don’t have a law degree like Pierre. And I’m not some hotshot sales executive, either."

Well, that may be true. I certainly don’t pretend to know everyone’s circumstance.

But what I can tell you is… the secret I’m talking about today is for everyone. No matter your age or current occupation… no matter if you have $1 or much, much more to your name. Anyone can use this secret to increase their wealth.

But don’t just take my word for it… listen to this story about Kathleen Horton. Not long ago, Kathleen was living in her car and working as a waitress in Hawaii.

While sad, it’s not necessarily a unique story. But what Kathleen did next is unique…

You see, at the time, Kathleen had only $2.03 to her name. And she was saddled with $35,000 in debt.

For many, that would be enough to make you surrender. And as it turns out, it was almost too much for Kathleen.

Her life spiraled out of control. That spiral led her to drugs and eventually to even considering suicide.

But instead of giving in, Kathleen did something few others would have the courage to do. She decided to fight back, to take control of her financial future.

And that’s when she stumbled across the secret I’ll show you in just a bit. It’s a secret that she used when she was literally down to her last quarter… and turned it into $250,000 in just a year.

By the end of the second year, she had used the secret to bank well over $1 million.

A few short years later, she was a multimillionaire.

I know that’s an amazing story. And you may be thinking that it’s one-of-a-kind. But I assure you it’s not. The secret I’m about to share with you is responsible for an untold number of stories just like Kathleen’s.

Stories like Rita Wagner’s. Up until a few years ago, Rita was a stay-at-home mom. Today, she’s a multimillionaire. And it’s all because of a fun project she started with her children in their basement.

A project based on the very same secret that Kathleen, Damien and Pierre all used to build their fortunes.

You’ll find the details on this secret in “Unconventional Riches: The Forgotten Path to Prosperity.”

This report, which probably won’t take you more than 15 or 20 minutes to read, shows you step by step how Kathleen, Damien, Pierre, and Rita used this secret to escape the drain of the "system" and create their own fortunes.

Best of all, I’ve even included an easy-to-follow checklist so you can start using the secret right away to build your very own wealth machine.

But there’s more. In “Unconventional Riches: The Forgotten Path to Prosperity,” you’ll also discover how the secret helped college dropout Ben McGuire take a beat-up truck and $700 and turn it into his own personal fortune.

Today, Ben uses the secret at more than 200 locations all over the world to generate more than $100 million per year.

What if you could do what Carrie Reese did, using the moneymaking secret I’m about to reveal. Instead of slaving away forever at her 9-5 job and hoping everything would work out for her retirement, Carrie took a smarter path and is living the American dream.

With just $6,000 in savings, she used the secret to amass a $120 million fortune that she started in her backyard shed.

Here’s what she had to say about how she did it, “I remember sitting outside one day, thinking we were three months behind on our house payment… and I ought to get a real job. But then I thought, ‘No, this is your dream. Recommit and get to work.’”

And finally, there’s the story of Amelia Lord. In 2008, at age 59, Amelia worked at Lehman Brothers. Then the stock market collapsed. Up to that time, she had never considered using this secret to take control of her financial future.

But after losing her job, she faced the harsh reality that no one on Wall Street was hiring. That’s when she decided to put the secret to use. Today, instead of fearing the future, Amelia says she’s excited about what lies ahead.

And it’s all thanks to the secret I’m about to show you.

Take Back Control

Hi, my name is Ryan Cole. I’m the editor of one of the most exciting newsletters in existence today, Unconventional Wealth.

Unconventional Wealth does what few other newsletters do: It shows readers how to build their own personal fortunes.

In fact, it’s not even fair to call Unconventional Wealth a newsletter. It’s more like a blueprint for building your own personal fortune. That’s because, each month, readers discover how to build lasting wealth without the “help” of a financial advisor who requires you to have $25,000 in your account just to get an “audience” with him.

Or stockbrokers perched behind their mahogany desks, plotting ways to separate you from your money.

Instead, my subscribers discover time-tested ways to increase wealth that most others have overlooked or choose to ignore – and, in many instances, don’t even know exist.

If there’s a proven and under-the-radar way to make money I bring it to my subscribers in my monthly publication.

From timberland to real estate… from hidden ways to own real gold and silver to collecting antiques… and from franchising opportunities to starting a small business… each issue of Unconventional Wealth shows you a way to build a prosperous future.

And in case you’re wondering… Yes, occasionally I do recommend a stock.

Rest assured, when I make a stock recommendation, it’ll most certainly be the best way I could find to exploit a situation. And it will be a company that fits the criteria that I base all my moneymaking recommendations on.

Criteria such as what I refer to as “operating out of the limelight.” Forget about opportunities that everyone is talking about. You’ll pay dearly for them.

The recommendations I’ll deliver to you are ones that Wall Street hasn’t caught onto yet. Because it’s those kinds of hidden opportunities that offer you the best chance for tremendous profits.

The truth is I spent the better part of my financial career uncovering hidden opportunities and writing about them in notable publications such as The Motley Fool, Seeking Alpha, Small Cap Insider and Investment U.

What kind of hidden opportunities am I talking about? Let me tell you about the opportunity I uncovered in March 2012, when I showed readers how to capture triple-digit gains from a radical new technology that was transforming the manufacturing process: 3-D printing.

Back then, hardly anyone knew about this technology, but now it’s mainstream and has been featured on CBS News, ABC News, The Washington Post, Forbes and dozens of other places.

Readers who acted on that recommendation could have captured gains as high as 106%.

That’s just one example of taking an unconventional approach to investing in stocks that paid off handsomely. Here’s another. In May of that same year, I recommended that readers put a portion of their money in one of the least-understood segments of the country’s health care industry… one that caters to elderly people.

Here’s the thing. Although it caters to the elderly, an investment in this asset class is a backdoor way into real estate. Demand for properties is growing in this industry. And so is revenue, which has seen year-over-year growth.

Although Wall Street wasn’t paying much attention to this asset class, I surely was. Readers who acted on that recommendation could have seen a 70% return on this investment.

Those are just a few of the recommendations I’ve offered my readers. The bottom line is that Unconventional Wealth is a unique wealth-creation machine. We’re as far from being mainstream as you can get, and we like it that way.

The success stories I found and shared with you in this presentation highlight just a one of the many unconventional ways I show my readers how to build lasting wealth.

And by now, you’re probably wondering exactly what the secret is that all these people have used to become Rebound Millionaires.

While I’d love to show it to you in this presentation, the truth is… revealing how it works would take up an awful lot of time. It would turn this presentation into a two- or three-hour documentary.

I know you don’t want to sit in front of your computer that long. For that matter, who would?

But not having enough time isn’t the only reason why I don’t want to reveal all the details of the secret here in this letter.

You see, just as Unconventional Wealth isn’t your typical newsletter, I am not your typical editor. I am completely committed to helping you forge your own path to financial freedom.

I want to be absolutely certain you understand how to use the secret properly… so that your chances of success are much higher. Because when you increase your chances of success, you also increase the likelihood you’ll make more money using the secret.

If I laid it all out for you here, I’d have to rush through each step. That wouldn’t do you any good. That’s why I’ve put everything you need to know about the secret in “Unconventional Riches: The Forgotten Path to Prosperity.”

It explains exactly how Pierre, Damien, Kathleen, Rita, Ben, Carrie and Amelia used this secret to create their fortunes.

Best of all... it’s written in such an easy-to-understand way that after you read it, you’ll be anxious to get started building your fortune. And that’s exactly what I want you to do… take control of your financial future.

Let me put this report in your hands right away.

Now, before I tell you how to claim your report, I want to make sure you understand that not a single story you heard today involved putting money into a risky stock or trying to figure out some other complicated investment strategy.

In fact, the secret all these folks used is such a powerful way to build lasting wealth… that I’ve been using it myself for well over five years.

Despite what mainstream media would have you believe, our success stories are proof that the American dream is still alive and well.

And I want to help you realize your version of it. That’s why I’m going to make you this offer:

I want you to test-drive my wealth-building newsletter, Unconventional Wealth, for 90 days.

When you agree to the test-drive, I’ll immediately send you my report “Unconventional Riches: The Forgotten Path to Prosperity” for free.

It’s just my small way of thanking you for trying Unconventional Wealth.

This report is just the beginning, though.

While “Unconventional Riches: The Forgotten Path to Prosperity” will guide you through one of the most powerful wealth-building methods I’ve ever seen… I want you to know it’s not the only one.

And to prove it to you, when you join me today, you’ll also get…

A Whole Universe of Other
“Alternative Investment Opportunities”

You may not know it, but there’s a whole universe of wealth-building techniques in existence. Techniques that have nothing at all to do with Wall Street.

I call these strategies “AIOs” (alternative investment opportunities) because they are totally off the grid and unconventional.

And when you agree to test-drive Unconventional Wealth today… I’ll also send you the special report “My Private Collection of 27 Alternative Investment Opportunities.”

If the fat cats on Wall Street had their way… you’d believe the strategies you’ll discover in this report were totally out of reach.

Let’s face it… they spend a ton of money trying to brainwash you into believing traditional investments are the only game in town. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

The reality is you can start building your own fortune using “AIOs” with as little as $200. This report will show you how.

These opportunities could transform your financial future for generations to come.

From the moment you lay eyes on them, you’ll understand exactly why they’re so powerful.

You may even kick yourself for not thinking of them on your own.

My Private Collection of 27 Alternative Investment Opportunities” could be one of the most unique wealth-building reports you’ll ever receive.

And you can rest easy, knowing that each technique is proven to work, because I’ve researched every one personally and have put in only the best of the best. So that they’re easy to remember, I’ve given each one a unique name.

In this report, I’ll show you rock-solid wealth-building methods such as…

This 14-plus page guide alone is easily worth $199. But it’s yours free when you agree to test-drive Unconventional Wealth.

But that’s not all… here’s something else I’d like to give you…

Nine Ways to Make Money Now

If there’s one thing you take away from this presentation today, I hope that it’s no matter what Wall Street tries to tell you… you DON’T NEED it.

Can stocks be a part of your wealth-building strategy? Sure. But they don’t have to be. And if you’re still trying to recover financially from 2008, you may not want them to be!

That’s why when you say “yes” to test-driving Unconventional Wealth, I’ll also send you a third FREE report, “Your Road Map to Unconventional Wealth: Nine Ways to Make Money Now.”

Just as the name suggests, I’ll lay out nine easy-to-follow ways you could make money right now… all without the stock market.

Simple ways such as:

Step No. 3: Pay Less Tax, Get More Taxes Back… The Easy Way.

Look, nothing burns me up more than the waste that Washington, D.C., has created. What our so-called "leaders" are doing to our country is a crying shame.

In Step No. 3, I’ll show you a simple, five-minute way to keep Uncle Sam’s hands off as much of your money as possible. That way, you can put it to use taking care of what’s most important… your family.

Step No. 6: The "Sleep Better Secret" That Could Hand You a Quick $1,000…

In Step No. 6, I’ll show you how one simple phone call to your insurance company could save you as much as $1,000 per year. I don’t know about you, but saving $1,000 per year is a big deal to me. And when you consider that in just 10 years that one phone call could save you $10,000, I think you’ll agree… It’s a call that’s definitely worth making.


Step No. 8: Antiques and Collectibles – A Weekender’s Cash Cow…

You may not know it, but there’s money just lying around in your attic… in your basement… and even in your garage. Remember all those "must haves" that have accumulated over the years? The ones that are probably collecting dust in some forgotten corner of your house? I’ll show you how easy and fun it can be making money off things you’ve forgotten.

Look, I know I’ve shown you a lot of different ways that Unconventional Wealth can help you live a more comfortable and rewarding life starting today.

So let me back up for a second and recap everything you’ll get when you agree to test-drive Unconventional Wealth.

First… you’ll get my newest report, “Unconventional Riches: The Forgotten Path to Prosperity.” Inside, you’ll discover all the details on the secret Pierre Duperee used that pays him $316,000 per year. It’s the same secret Kathleen Horton used to become a millionaire. And the very same one that led to all the success stories I shared with you today.

This report alone could be the key to unlocking your version of the American dream. But I’d never dare to stop just there.

You’ll also get “My Private Collection of 27 Alternative Investment Opportunities.” This 14-page report contains a host of wealth-building secrets such as the Reversal Technique, which shows you a way to save 22% on wallet-draining fees in a matter of minutes. It’s like giving yourself a "monthly bonus."

Inside its pages, you’ll also read about the "offshore secret" the U.S. government is terrified you’ll discover! If you want a way to keep prying eyes from your finances, I’ll show you how to get all the benefits of a Swiss bank account with one simple call.

When used together, these two reports are chock full of more ways to grow your wealth than you’d find spending countless grueling hours searching on the Internet.

Today, with your trial subscription to Unconventional Wealth, you can get both reports, free of charge and in a matter of minutes.

And remember, you’ll also get the report “Your Road Map to Unconventional Wealth: Nine Ways to Make Money Now,” which I just told you about. You’ll discover valuable ways not only to make money… but to also help keep Uncle Sam’s hands off the money you already have.

Unconventional to the Core

As I mentioned earlier, my name is Ryan Cole. And as I sat down to put this presentation together I thought, maybe, just maybe, whoever is listening would want to know just a little more about who’s giving away all this great information and why.

I can promise you right now… You will not hear the word “Harvard” or see a slew of initials behind my name.

That’s just not who I am. The truth is… I’ve lived an interesting life. Just as I’m sure many of you have.

From helping to organize media coverage for a presidential convention to guiding tourists through the Colorado mountains on snowmobiles. I guess you could say I’ve done it all. Or at the very least, I’ve tried it all.

If you’re asking how that qualifies me to help you achieve great wealth… I’d say that’s a reasonable question.

So let me explain…

Traveling across America (and the world, for that matter), learning different trades along the way, has given me one valuable thing the stuffed suits will never have… and that’s real-life experience.

I know what it’s like to struggle. I know what it’s like to look at the mound of bills on the table and wonder how they’re ever going to be paid. I know how it feels to watch others live a comfortable life while struggling at every turn.

I know what it’s like to sit there with my head in my hands, asking, “Why me?”

But most importantly for you… I know how to change all that.

Because in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis, I left the business I was in at the time and came out the other side, making three times as much money as I ever did.

And I did it all thanks to the secret I’ve been telling you about in this presentation. The truth is, using this secret has allowed me to create my own path to financial freedom. I don’t work a 9-5 job; I make my own hours.

I don’t report to a boss who expects me to work harder every year for a raise that barely covers the costs of groceries, gasoline and other everyday expenses.

Heck, I probably make more money now than any boss I ever worked for in the past. I am my own boss. And I make as much money I want, not what someone else wants to pay me. I’m financially secure.

When you join me at Unconventional Wealth, you’ll learn how you can also create your own path to financial freedom.

So not only will you learn how Pierre, Kathleen, Ben, Amelia, Carrie, and Rita used the secret. You’ll discover how I used the secret too.

All the details are in “Unconventional Riches: The Forgotten Path to Prosperity.”

You can reserve your copy right now by clicking the “Join Me” link below… or if you prefer, you can keep listening for full details on everything else you’ll get when you join Unconventional Wealth today.

You Deserve the Best

There’s one thing that I’ve learned from traveling the country and working with successful folks from all different walks of life… and that’s the fact that wealth doesn’t just happen… it’s created.

Wealth is something that most people crave. The problem is most people don’t have a clue how to create it.

That’s why I’m here with you today. And it’s why I want you to join Unconventional Wealth. So that I can share every technique, tactic and trick I’ve learned to help you build your own American dream.

When you agree to try out Unconventional Wealth, you’ll get exclusive access to:

By now I think you realize just how big this opportunity is for your financial future. And I’m sure you know that nothing is life is free. At least when it comes to your finances.

And the truth is, the secret I’m going to give you in my report “Unconventional Riches: The Forgotten Path to Prosperity” has made countless fortunes for people over the years.

So you may be thinking it’s going to cost you a ton of money to get your hands on the secret. But you’d be wrong!

And for once in your life… being wrong is a good thing.

Because if you’re one of the first 497 readers to respond to this invitation today… you’ll pay only $49 to join Unconventional Wealth.

I know for some of you that may still seem like a lot of money. But the truth is it’s the lowest price I’ve ever charged for this type of work.

In fact, the published price of Unconventional Wealth is $129 per year. So you’re essentially getting more than seven months of my world-class service free.

You have to admit that’s a great deal, especially considering that my publisher wanted to charge far more than $129. Even if you paid the published price of $129, it would still be a deal, because that works out to $10.75 per issue.

And $10.75 per issue is peanuts when you consider the power of the wealth-building information I share with you every month. Remember the story of Kathleen, and how she used the secret to become a multimillionaire? Imagine if you could do the same thing…

But the good news is you aren’t going to pay $129. Because I went to bat for you. After all, these wealth-building secrets won’t do you a bit of good if you can’t afford them.

I wanted to be sure as many people as possible had access to this powerful research. So I reached a compromise with my publisher. I could drop the price to $49 per year, but as I said… you have to be one of the first 497 people to respond to this invitation today.

When we hit that number, the price will immediately go back up.

Remember, you have three full months to decide if Unconventional Wealth is right for you.

And you also get the three free reports:

They’re yours to keep, no matter what you decide to do.

If I weren’t 100% sure you were going to love what I do at Unconventional Wealth, I’d never be able to make you this offer.

And look, I’m not just tooting my own horn, either. I hear from readers regularly who want to thank us for sharing these powerful ideas with them. Here’s just a sampling of the letters we receive all the time:

“Having ideas outside the mainstream of just stocks and bonds is very helpful, given the expected crash of the U.S. dollar. These ideas will help me weather the coming storm.”
– H.W., Sioux City, Iowa

“All the ideas are great. Thanks, and, yes, we tell others.”
– S.D., Reading, Pennsylvania

“Stocks and bonds don’t interest me anymore; investments that are unique and profitable do.”
– J.M., Sarasota, Florida

And C.H. from Portland, Oregon, wrote in to say, “I would recommend your publication. I think it’s innovative… and unlike any information that I have seen elsewhere.”

I don’t mean to brag, but we have a folder chock full of letters about Unconventional Wealth just like these.

And for a mere $49 per year, you can join them. As I said, that’s like getting seven months free. But remember, you have to be one of the first 497 to respond today.

After that, your chance to join at this highly discounted price could be gone forever.

Best of all, you can join at no risk. If you’re not 100% happy with Unconventional Wealth… even on the 90th day… you can get a 100% refund just by contacting Customer Service.

I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a fairer offer than that anywhere.

I’ve done everything I can to make saying “yes” to this offer a slam-dunk.

I’ve shown you the power of the wealth-building secret that turned people like Rita, Kathleen and Pierre into America’s newest Rebound Millionaires.

I’ve given you the best offer I’ve seen since I took over the reins of Unconventional Wealth.

I’ve even arranged for you to take a full three months to decide if Unconventional Wealth is for you.

That’s more than enough time to read all three reports… “Unconventional Riches: The Forgotten Path to Prosperity”“My Private Collection of 27 Alternative Investment Opportunities”… and “Your Road Map to Unconventional Wealth: Nine Ways to Make Money Now”

With plenty of time to spare for putting a few of the ideas to use.

It’s time for you step up and grab this opportunity before it slips away.

Don’t let another day pass without knowing the secret to true and lasting wealth.


Signature, Ryan Cole
Ryan Cole
Editor, Unconventional Wealth
September 2013

P.S. I can’t stress enough how easy it is to put the secret I’ve shared with you today into action. Your free report, “Unconventional Riches: The Forgotten Path to Prosperity,” has all the step-by-step details. Remember, it even comes with an easy-to-use get-started checklist to make sure you don’t miss a single step.

Let me send you this report so you know what it takes to become a Rebound Millionaire. Sign up for Unconventional Wealth right now.